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Social Accountability International Standard - SA8000:2008

Download the SA8000:2008 Standard (English)
Download SA8000 Consolidated Guidance Document (English)

(corresponds with SA8000:2008 version)

Social Accountability International Standard - SA8000:2014

Download SA8000:2014 Standard (English)

SA8000:2014 is currently available in other languages on SAI Website.
Download Side-by-Syde version SA8000:2008 and SA8000:2014 (English)

Download SA8000:2014 Drafters' Notes
Download SA8000:2014 Performance Indicator Annex (English)

SA8000:2014 Performance Indicator Annex is currently available in other languages on SAI Website.

Download SA8000:2014 Guidance Document (English)

According to SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) notification, certificates of compliance to SA8000:2014 become available starting January 1, 2016. As of April 1, 2016, all new SA8000 accredited certificates are issued to SA8000:2014. As of June, 30, 2017 all existing SA8000 accredited certificates shall be upgraded to SA8000:2014 and any existing certificates issued to SA8000:2008 shall not be valid.

SAI Social Fingerprint and Integration in the SA8000:2014 Certification Process

The Social Fingerprint is an online tool developed by SAI in order to help organizations and certification bodies to measure and rate social performance, support the certification process and drive continual improvement. It involves a combination between the organization self-assessment and auditors independent assessment based on the same criteria related to management system.

Organizations applying to SA8000:2014 certification for the first time or already certified organizations aiming to complete the transition process have access to a full package of information that will assist them.

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IQNet Ltd SA8000:2014 Transition Policy

Click here for a copy of the IQNet Ltd SA8000:2014 Transition Policy

IQNet Ltd Impartiality and Anti-Bribery Policy

Click here for a copy of the IQNet Ltd Impartiality Policy
here for a copy of IQNet Ltd Anti-bribery public statement

Complaints and Appeals process

The process of lodging complaints and appeals is publically available.
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