Is Quality an Exclusive Right of Big Companies?

Updated: 28 March 2019


"The answer for the question raised is definitely no, quality is not just the exclusive right of big companies. Nothing proves this better than the composition of the customer portfolio of the Hungarian Standards Institution (MSZT) regarding the companies certified according to ISO 9001 standard."


The ratio of certified companies under 125 employees is 80%, in further breakdown the ratio of companies with 1-10 employees is 35%, in case of organizations from 11 to 45 persons it is 30%, while this ratio comes to 15% at organizations between 46-125 persons. As regards sector distribution, small organizations mainly operate in the IT sector, engineering services or in other services.


MSZT - Hungarian Standards Institution is an IQNet Full Member since 1998

For small organizations a certified management system means one of the pillars of market access and the success in it. When establishing and operating a management system – in addition to their own motivation - the company leaders are inspired by the intention of becoming suppliers to large organizations or taking part in tenders (if it is a precondition), as well as by the expectation of a parent company. In addition, it is also required by the market, because nowadays their all competitors have such certification.


A few leaders of smaller organizations apply ISO 9001 (QMS) not only to meet customer requirements or to deliver faultless products and perfect services, but also one of the method for organization development. These smaller companies are particularly appreciating their gained international IQNet certificate to facilitate the extension of their cross-border partner relations.


Golden Certificates

MSZT has established a Golden Certificate Award as recognition of the efforts achieved in operation of management systems.  Since 2008, MSZT has recognized its certified partners’ commitments to management systems by issuing this award. This certificate can be provided to those companies whose management system is operated as well as developed effectively and excellently moreover their certificate is continuously maintained by MSZT for more than 12 years.


Since 2008, 42 organizations have received this recognition concerning their quality management system and among them the ratio of small organization is 76 %.


MSZT with its competent professionals and with its nation-wide and regional experience is ready to support their customers throughout.