April 16.

    AuditEvolution 2024 (German only) organized by DQS

    The congress for internal auditors, offers an innovative platform for new perspectives and practical solutions. In a time of change, DQS will present alternative and practical solutions to seamlessly integrate the internal audit into the generational change. An event that not only does justice to the current challenges, but also takes a look into the future - jointly organised by experts who understand the dynamics of generational change and want to work with organizations to find ways towards an integrated and future-oriented audit practice.  Register now!


    May 29-30.

    5th International Sustainable Development Forum – Net Zero – Actions Towards a Fair Transition to Address Current Sustainability Challenges, organized by ICONTEC

    Discover the keys to a sustainable future at our event! We offer a unique opportunity to explore innovative approaches and best practices from various sectors, designed to drive effective models towards net zero. In a world where climate change presents increasing challenges, adopting strategies that bring us closer to net zero becomes essential in the short and medium term.


    This forum aims to provide models and best practices of sustainable business management supported by strategies of mitigation, adaptation, and financing that contribute to comprehensive climate change management framed within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this end, the event will bring together expert speakers in sustainable management and business leaders who have contributed with models and projects capable of adding value to organizations in the current context of the climate crisis. This framework will enable organizations in the public and private sectors to identify sustainable models related to global energy transition, comprehensive operational management with a sustainable focus, and mobilization towards sustainable finance that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.



    Management of Organizational Value Offerings and Sustainable Markets. Sustainable business proposals aimed at key markets will be addressed, allowing for the gradual transformation of consumption habits to contribute to net zero.


    Comprehensive Operational Management, Procurement, and Sustainable Financing.  Organizational models focused on emissions reduction, particularly in the transportation sector, one of the largest emitters in the value chain, will be detailed. Finally, sustainable financing mechanisms that contribute comprehensively to mitigating the effects of climate change will be outlined.


    Strategic Management to Achieve Meaningful (Sustainable) Organizations.  Sustainable governance will be addressed through the determination of strategic sustainability models, facilitating the systematic and coherent implementation of actions to manage net zero.


    This event is a Forum (seminar) that ICONTEC does every 2 years, and now on its fifth term.  This paid forum will be held both onsite and virtually,  featuring international and national (Colombian) speakers.


    This year's forum will focus on Net Zero, and will also have conferences on Sustainable Construction, Ecolabelling, Circularity, Decarbonization in the Supply Chain, ISO 14091:2021 Adaptation to Climate Change, ISO 53001 UN SDG Management System, Hydrogen as an Alternative for Energy Transition, Sustainable Finances and PAS 808:2022 Purpose Driven Organizations.


    Follow these links to get more info about the event or to register.


    March-May 31.

    The 24th JQA International Environmental Childrens' Drawing Contest is on!  Organized by JQA

    The 24th Contest Theme: Passing on Our Precious Earth to the Future.

    This contest gives an opportunity for children of the future generation to become more aware of their global environment through drawing picture under the theme of the environmet of our Earth. 

    Open to children ages 7-15.  Application must reach Japan by 31 May 2024.  Contest Mechanics.


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