The IQNET Community -- Sharing harmonized principles and metholodologies.

Worldwide Coverage

Established since 1990, IQNET is a global network of leading certification bodies.  Currently the network consists of 36 Partner Certification Bodies (CBs) who share IQNET harmonized principles and methodologies.

IQNET Membership include Full and Associated Member status.  In 2016, a CB community concept was developed: Affiliated Body, which aims to engage with the CB community beyond the defined membership structure. Through this community, CBs from around the world are given the opportunity to have a closer relation with IQNET and its Partners and benefit from its cooperation tools and products, harmonization efforts, external liaison results, and business opportunities.


The list of IQNET Partner Certification Bodies can be consulted here.


IQNET Partners worldwide certification activity include more than 360,000 valid management system certificates, issued in virtually every country of the world, making IQNET Association the most represented and reputable CB network in the world.