IQNET Association cements relationship with EAGLE Certification Group as Full Member


Bern, 19 November 2022 – Recording another milestone, the IQNET Association Members accepted  EAGLE Certification Group change of status as Full Member.  The US based certification body officially joins the IQNET General Assembly – the highest authority of the Association.  See full story here.

IQNET Day 2022 celebration around the world



Celebrated every 11 November, IQNET Day highlights the importance of the network to the conformity assessment community.  Its worldwide representation through IQNET Association Partners has significantly strengthen the importance of certifiable management systems or products - benefiting organizations, regardless of size and location - in improving their business processes as well as advancing on their competitiveness in the global marketplace.  By combining local expertise with global experiences and recognition, IQNET Association is one of the quite few organizations tapped to shape proactive policies and practices in terms of accreditation, standardization, scheme development, and quality infrastructure.   See IQNET Day official website.


IQNET Unveils New Look


January 2021, Bern – Marking its 30th anniversary, IQNET Association launched its new brand as approved by the General Assembly in its recent meeting.


The new IQNET logo blue tone is a perfect reflection of the Association’s authoritativeness and trustworthiness in the field of conformity assessment.  Its revolutionary movement from rectangular to circular shape surrounded by dotted waves represent its key promise to its stakeholders, as delivered through its Members (conformity assessment bodies with different origins, nature and size) around the world.  See full story.


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