IQNET Association brings value to the conformity assessment community. 

Value Proposition

Supported by its Mission and Vision, Strategy and Policies, IQNET Association developed a comprehensive set of tools and criteria.

Aiming to...

•  Provide tools and services to partners to advance competence and competitiveness;

•  Effectively assist clients to improve enterprise quality, aimed at sustainable success;

•  Actively contribute (through official liaisons with relevant international stakeholders) to the development

   of credible and value adding conformity assessment processes and services. 


In 2005 IQNet Ltd was founded as a daughter company of IQNET Association. Registered in Switzerland as a Limited Company, IQNet Ltd is a private and independent certification body. IQNet Ltd delivers credible and professional global services, through authorized representatives (exclusively members of the IQNET Association), mainly in the field of social accountability and sustainability related training, assessment and management system certification.