Certification Benefits


IQNET is an exclusive enhancer of the value proposition offered to clients:


•  Partners‘ clients will have their certification related with the biggest, most credible and reliable certification network in the world and have their data present in the IQNET international database of certified companies (for better market awareness and verification);

•  Through the IQNET certificate and mark, Partners‘ clients can be lined with one of the most internationally recognized brand in the field of conformity assessment, that no other local CB can provide;

•  Partners‘ clients may have access to an innovative portfolio of management system schemes and international services and to specific products under sustainability focus;

•  Partners‘ clients will have access to a singular combination of information and knowledge on standardization, accreditation, conformity assessment and international trade related issues, on multiple industry sectors;

•  Through the international recognition of IQNet and its Partners, increase own image and credibility and facilitate contact and business relation consumers, international retailers and buyers, regulators and public entities and NGOs;

•  Give confidence to shareholders and other stakeholders that reliable, recognized and value focus management practices are in place.