Market Trust

IQNET Members' certified clients are included in a Global Management System Certificate Database since 2005.


The IQNET Global Management System Certificate Database aims to: 


•  Provide reliable data on worldwide management system certifications issued by IQNET Members;


• Give adequate visibility to organizations that have successfully achieved certification by IQNET Members;


• Assist interested parties (industry, market, regulators and other) in confirming the certification validity, in getting reliable     

  information on trustworthy product and service providers.


Occasionally, organizations incorrectly suggest or claim to be certified by one of IQNET Members.  All possible steps are taken to clarify such situations. The following companies/websites are in no relation to IQNET and are not authorized to use content of IQNET website, IQNET certificates or IQNET marks for their marketing purposes. Possibly mentioned certificates are not issued by IQNET.


When in doubt, you may contact us by filling up this form.