Joining IQNET

IQNET membership includes Full members (signatories of IQNET Multi-lateral Agreement) and Associated Members (an entrance stage to the network).

IQNET membership is open to management system certification bodies (CBs) which are accredited against ISO/IEC 17021-1 (at least for QMS and EMS) by an IAF MLA signatory, have the potential (e.g. the capabilities, resources, established services) and will to contribute to the purpose and strategy of IQNET, and have established a reputation for integrity and competence in their country or market of origin. 


IQNET membership includes Full Members (signatories of IQNET Multi-lateral Agreement) and Associated Members (a temporary entrance stage to the network). In 2016, the Affiliated Body concept was established to engage the CB Community beyond the defined membership structure of Full Members and Associated Members. Through this community, CBs from around the world would be given the opportunity to have a better understanding of IQNET, its cooperation tools and products as well as to benefit from the harmonization, external liaison and business opportunities.


Interested CBs can contact IQNet Headoffice for more information. Upon receiving the interested CB data and information, IQNet will check eligibility, according to applicable requirements and criteria, and propose the most appropriate membership or community status and agree on related procedures.


IQNET Members