IQNET Statement on recent geopolitical events


Bern, 25 April 2022 - Due  to the current geopolitical events, IQNET Association Board of Directors has decided the immediate suspension of the network’s mutual recognition proceedings for any IQNET Members’ certificates issued to organizations that fall under recently imposed international sanctions.


The above also applies to the provision of IQNET products to these organizations, as well as for the use of references to IQNET recognition by these organizations.


Furthermore, IQNET Members shall not issue any new, nor reissue, IQNET statements of recognition (“IQNET Certificates”) in the Russian Federation/Belarus markets. The restriction also applies to the provision of IQNET services and products.


Additionally, Members shall not use IQNET membership reference (IQNET Logo) in new/reissued own certificates to organizations under international sanction packages.


The above will be in place until further notice.