IQNET and its Members support the certified community for ESG performance


Bern, June 2023 - Sustainability and non-financial reporting have become a central issue for many industries (such as for conformity assessment players), well beyond the capital market.


Increasing global focus on climate change, equality, human rights, and business continuity has a major contribution to organizations being more proactive (and being challenged more often) on understanding the impact of their activities and on better explaining it to stakeholders.


Investors, regulators, and financial institutions, already claiming for financial transparency, increasingly consider non-financial information in ratings, evaluations (such as related to mergers and acquisitions) and general accountability. Regulatory initiatives (such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive from the European Commission) just accelerated the momentum.


Non-financial information is often defined as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance components) thus including what are considered to be the most relevant elements when measuring the sustainability impact of an organization.


From IQNET – The International Certification Network – we can confirm that our conformity assessment industry has already the required infrastructure, competence, and assets to support organizations to improve, demonstrate and communicate their ESG performance. Our value proposition consists of:


Baseline: IQNET Members’ existing conformity assessment standards and products or schemes comprehensively address ESG components.


Competence: Expertise on ESG is available within IQNET Member conformity assessment bodies.


Assessment focused on Continual Improvement: IQNET Members provide independent proof that the object of their conformity assessment activity fulfills the specified requirements. This is based on well-established methodologies that enable an in-depth review and assessment of organizational processes, practices, results, and data, with a clear focus on good practices and improvement potential.


Recognition: IQNET Members deliver services based on harmonized international standards and norms and their competence is recognized through accreditation.


Capillarity:  IQNET Members display one of the largest networks of organizations and offices around the world.

Client Base: Reliable business relationships are established both when involved in regulatory requirements or focusing on ESG voluntarily.


Integrity: Credible assurance proceedings are in place, focusing on impartiality, independence, competence through IQNET own due diligence and regulations (based on a solid code of conduct and ethics, governance focus and regular peer-assessment).


Processes and Services: notably on verification and validation activities.


IQNET ESG Partner Panel is our dedicated structure aimed to advise and technically support IQNET and its Member Bodies in relation to ESG developments. With an extensive participation of 21 experts representing 14 Conformity Assessment Bodies on 4 continents, the Panel is actively working to elevate the awareness and uptake of the existing conformity assessment services for ESG. It is also shaping a clear business dashboard to ensure consistency with ESG and address different business context and needs.