ISO 14001 - Environmental Management

Environmental sustainability is one of the most significant global challenges. Organisations are increasingly required to demonstrate proactive management of the environmental impacts of their business operations.  Stakeholder demands are increasing and environmental performance expectations are becoming more prevalent. 


What is an Environmental Management System (EMS)? 

An Environmental Management System is a framework, which can be integrated with existing business processes to effectively identify, measure, manage and control risks and environmental impacts. An Environmental Management System also establishes the means for improving performance and moving towards environmental sustainability through best practise such as ISO14001.


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ISO 50001 - Energy Management System

Effective energy management is becoming increasingly important for business success.  ISO 50001 represents best practice in energy management specifying the requirements for an Energy Management System to enable organizations to identify significant areas of energy consumption and target energy reductions.  ISO 50001 is based on the management system model of continual improvement and is suitable for all organization, enhancing energy efficiencies and reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.


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